Agricultural Lime

The addition of lime is essential to maintain the pH and nutrient value of soil. Without lime, the land will neither respond to fertiliser nor produce the quality or quantity normally achieved where lime is applied to the land regularly.
The ideal pH will vary for different crops & plants eg: Potatoes  6, Grassland between 6.3 - 6.5, Cereal crops 6.5, Beet crops & Rape seed oil 7
The chemical characteristics of our limestone, particularly the high neutralizing value, makes ground limestone from Laffansbridge ideal for this purpose. The following should be noted:

  • Lime should be spread every 5 years
  • Lime to the recommended crop target pH
  • For tillage, lime to suit the crop rotation, giving priority to lime sensitive crops within the rotation
  • A dosage rate of 2-3 tonne/ acre is generally recommended 

Lime is lost from the soil through rainfall, crops, fertiliser & livestock. Soil testing is periodically undertaken to determine lime deficiency.