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Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks have been manufactured on site since 2001. Modern production techniques incorporating precision computerised machinery and quality quarry aggregates combine to produce a high quality block, in terms of finish and strength. We stock fifteen different types of block to cater for all customer requirments. Blocks are delivered to site using truck mounted cranes.


Concrete blocks are the mainstay of modern construction techniques in Ireland for decades due to their versatility and durability. They provide excellent sound and heat insulation and improved fire resistance. Concrete block construction complements the installation of precast concrete flooring.


For more on the advantages of concrete homes, see


We manufacture the following block sizes:


            100mm Standard 5N

            100mm Standard 10N

            100mm Fine Texture 5N

            150mm Standard

            150mm/225mm Cavity

            100mm/150mm Soap Bars

            450mm L block

            300mm Standard

            225mm/450mm Stock Brick


We also stock a limited range of 100mm lightweight blocks, squints, half cavities, U blocks and 75mm pads. Other masonry units, especially fine textured and lightweight units can be sourced on request.

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